PopJukebox is a wedding and event DJ based in Vancouver, BC.

We love to make people dance.

You know that moment on the dance floor, when you suddenly recognize the song that’s just started? The one that makes you throw your head back and smile, or thrust your hands in the air and say…


Yeah. That’s our favourite moment. It’s the feeling we strive to orchestrate for every person in the room, at every event.

We also like people – a lot. With PopJukebox, you can expect friendly service, prompt communication and a DJ who will take great care of you throughout the weeks leading up to your event, and go the extra mile to make your event awesome.

We want you to have wedding music that reflects who you are, and gets your friends and family dancing like there’s no tomorrow. You need a uniquely curated playlist that communicates two things to your guests:

‘This is who we are.’


‘Let’s dance!’

Ready to get started?  I’ve curated a list of 50 wedding songs that are totally, 100% cheese-free (no, there is no Celine Dion on that list. #sorryimnotsorry), and free of charge. Download it now.

Or, just drop us a line to say hi – we can’t wait to meet you!