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WEDDING MUSIC: Ceremony Recessional Song Ideas

wedding ceremony recessional song music ideas

One of the most fun pieces of music during a wedding is the wedding ceremony recessional. You just did it. You said the vows, exchanged the rings, and signed the papers… you’re freaking married! You get to kiss your spouse for the first time ever, and look back at all of the amazing people who love you so much that they came from far and wide to witness this very moment… what’s the right song for that moment?

Personally, I’m partial to upbeat, celebratory songs for the recessional. It’s just the perfect time to set a vibe that says, “HECK YES, WE’RE MARRIED!” So, you’ll find that this playlist is filled with songs that lend to that atmosphere.

That said, if you’re going for a dreamy, romantic and mellow vibe throughout your ceremony, you may want to select a recessional song that has a slower, softer sound. You won’t find the right song here, but you can check out my Spotify playlists for more ceremony-appropriate songs.

Just remember – we’re able to start your recessional song at any point in the track. So if you want to highlight a particular verse, or cut out a slow intro, we can totally do that! Contact us to chat about how we can make your ceremony recessional awesome.

Here’s a playlist filled with great songs for your wedding ceremony recessional. Enjoy!


Be sure to follow this playlist on Spotify, as we’ll be adding songs to it as we discover new music that will make a great ceremony recessional song.


Not on Spotify? No problem! We’ve also made this into a YouTube playlist for you. Just click here to listen – and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more wedding music playlists to come!

Wedding ceremony recessional ideas for 2018