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How to Have a Killer Dance at Your Wedding – 6 Edmonton Wedding Planners Weigh In

It’s no surprise at all that I want you to have a killer dance party at your wedding. My go-to method for this is playing awesome music that hits the nostalgia sweet spots and reading the crowd throughout the course of the wedding to build up excitement for a kick ass celebration on the dance floor.

That said, there are always elements that I don’t have a lot of control over that affect the dance floor, for better or for worse. I reached out to a few awesome Edmonton wedding planners to get their advice on what to do to have a killer dance floor at your wedding (besides hiring a great wedding DJ, of course!).

Here’s what they had to say… 

Edmonton Wedding Planners“Layout is everything! It’s important to recognize that after the formal reception is the celebration – have the bar close to the dance floor and have the option for soft seating. That way, guests who don’t want to dance can stay in the party atmosphere by changing up their seating to more of a lounge style. The size of the dance floor also plays a role- you don’t want it too large or it will always feel empty and too small will make guests feel like they are entering into a mosh pit.”

Kristy Irving, Look Events

“When setting up your reception floorpan, always try and keep your dance floor close to the bar because we all know that with a little liquid courage, the most epic dance moves/dance off’s go down. PRO TIP: keep your dance floor area dimly lit or incorporate low lighting around your dance floor—the dance moves gradually get better and better and your guests will feel more comfortable busting a move when the lights go down.”

Joelle Johnson, Hitched By Joelle

“The key to have a bumpin’ dance floor at your wedding is knowing your demographic and creating the party atmosphere that suits them. You want your guests to feel comfortable so that they get in the party mood. Here are some clever tactics that can help create this atmosphere:

  • Floor plan – placing your dance floor, DJ, cocktail tables, bar and lounge area in the same space to create a party hot spot. This allows guests to easily hop on the dance floor when they hear a good song and will create a party space for the reception. And make sure your DJ is right on the dance floor so that they can see what’s going on
  • Food – if you’ve had a good meal, you will be ready to party. A midnight snack will also help people stay on the dance floor all night
  • Lighting – when installing a custom lighting package for your reception (particularly relevant for unique venues such as tents, barns, and non-venue spaces) you don’t want the lighting to be too bright for the party.

Using these tricks will help create the party and keep it going all night.”

– Elyse Colman, Special Event Rentals

“Timing is everything! Cake cutting is a tradition and some couples want to capture that moment, but take it as a photo opportunity alone. Make a quick announcement about it but don’t stop the music or the party all together for it – why stop the fun on the dance floor?  If you truly want your wedding guests to be a part of it consider doing it straight after dinner or to break up the speeches.”

Natalie Dyson, Lighthouse Wedding Coordinator

“To keep the dance floor hopping at a wedding, my advice is to have the DJ play a range of different genres.

At the beginning, have some well known songs to get the party started followed with popular oldies music for the crowd who generally leaves sooner In the evening.
Add some old time rock and roll with some solid country and R&B – music that will keep people moving, not tired and bored. Leave the slow songs closer to the end!

Even make a small play list of your “OMG” favourites for the DJ to play… before your wedding day of course!”

– Tessa Labbe, Unbreakable Vows

“In my experience the easiest way to keep a wedding dance party rocking is simple, get out there and dance! Guests will be looking to you, the couple, for cues on how they should act. If you are both out there rocking the dance floor, then guests will join in. This is your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to let loose and enjoy yourself.

The second thing to take into consideration is having the bar in the same room as the dance floor. Guests tend to gather where the drinks flow free, so if they need to leave the room to go grab a drink, they’re less likely to stay in the same room as the dance. If your venue has a built-in bar in another room, talk to your venue coordinator about the possibility of setting up a smaller, portable one in the hall itself, especially if you have a larger guest list.
Lastly, think about other forms of entertainment than can be made available throughout the evening to your guests, so they can stay engaged while they’re taking a break from dancing. Consider things like a fun photo or video booth. These are not only on trend, but they are super fun for everyone, and you, as well as your guests will get a fun souvenir from the evening.”

– Corina Waldie, Your Personal Fairy Tale

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