February 28, 2018 DJ Stacey - PopJukebox

FEEL GOOD MUSIC – Volume Two – Featuring DJ Kara

I am SO delighted to introduce you to my friend Kara. We originally connected through Instagram, and I just love following along with her work as a mobile DJ in LA. She’s talented, fun, professional and the kind of DJ that gives me ideas and inspires me, just from watching her work. I love tuning in to her latest mixes- this one’s my personal fave! –  and I often discover new music when I do. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to connect with her on a recent trip to LA.

We recorded this episode of FEEL GOOD MUSIC in the super glamorous location of the Motel 6 in Anaheim. 😂 It worked, though I apologize for the poor sound quality of the interview. I was not going to let a poor recording location get in the way of this one, though – I just had to share Kara’s story with you.

One thing I love about Kara’s story is that while she had a broader dream of moving to LA to pursue a career in the music industry, it wasn’t until she ‘fell into” DJing that she had that “this is it, this is for me” feeling. I can definitely relate to that, as someone who stumbled into DJing unexpectedly myself. Kara doesn’t mince words, though. She makes it clear that a huge part of her success has been due to putting in the time and the work necessary to know she’d truly given this dream her all.

Listen to the show below or head to my Mixcloud page to start with the first FEEL GOOD MUSIC show, in case you missed it!

Like what you hear? You can check out Kara’s website here, or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Mixcloud.

Stay tuned for more FEEL GOOD MUSIC in the weeks to come!