March 9, 2018 DJ Stacey - PopJukebox

FEEL GOOD MUSIC – Volume Three – Featuring Jeff of Newman Mentalism

Jeff Newman grew up in a small town in the Canadian prairies. As a matter of fact… he grew up in the same small town that I did! Only a couple years apart in the tiny school we both went to, Jeff and I were inevitably pals through high school until we went separate ways after graduation.

When I saw that he began performing as a magician and mentalist, it seemed like a perfect fit for his personality, and I’ve been eager to see him perform when we happen to be in the same city. That hasn’t happened just yet, but I was excited to have the opportunity to see him for the first time in about a decade to record this show and learn more about his journey to become a travelling performer.

In today’s show, Jeff shares his ‘feel good’ music along with his story with me, including some great thoughts on battling imposter syndrome and taking the leap to pursue his dream full-time.

Listen to the show below or head to my Mixcloud page to start with the first FEEL GOOD MUSIC show, in case you missed it!

Like what you hear? You can check out Jeff’s website here, or follow him on InstagramFacebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Stay tuned for more FEEL GOOD MUSIC in the weeks to come!