November 23, 2016 DJ Stacey - PopJukebox

We’re Married!

Holy crap, we’re married!

As I’m sure so many of you can relate to, 2016 has whizzed by in an absolute blur… largely due to the fact that we got engaged six weeks into the year, and jumped right into planning our wedding for the upcoming summer. It has been an incredibly special and memorable time, and a year that I will never forget.

On August 12, surrounded by our nearest and dearest (and with some loved ones tuning in via an online broadcast), Ryan and I were married. Our day was filled with joy, and love, and surprises, and tears, and dancing, and laughing, and good food, and lots of hugs and smiles. Having so many of our friends all in one place, partying together… it was so amazing, so overwhelming, and so awesome.

To be fair – the week leading up to the wedding was full of all of that too. Friends from out of town started arriving on the Sunday before the wedding, and one of the biggest and most unexpected joys was having friends from all over the world, and all different seasons of my life, hang out together, bring the wedding to life, and to celebrate us. Can you believe that?! So many people went out of their way to celebrate us. I don’t subscribe to the notion that ‘bride’ is synonymous with ‘princess’, but let me tell you… when you look around the room and see a collection of people who love you so much that they have travelled (literally) thousands of miles to come celebrate your marriage – you certainly feel like royalty.

One of my favourite photos of the wedding week is a quick iPhone snap I took in the parking lot of the Wholesale Club. Ryan, me, two of my best friends from New Zealand, and a great pal from Australia, had done a last minute run for bar mix, and were piling it into the back of our Subaru. It was constantly overwhelming to be surrounded with people we loved so much, who, without hesitation, jumped in and helped make our wedding happen.

The day itself was perfect. I could go on and on to try to describe it to you, but it can be summed up so simply in just that:


Let me tell you – I learned so much from being on ‘the other side’. Of course, we all have different experiences, and I don’t expect that my wedding has given me insight into all wedding experiences ever… but I definitely feel like I can step into your shoes a little easier. Since I got engaged, it has been so different meeting with clients. I feel like I ‘get’ it in a way I didn’t before. I alluded to this in my last pre-wedding post, but I now wholeheartedly understand the tension of being excited for the wedding, and being excited to be on the other side of it, and able to think about things other than the wedding.

Now, we were absolutely spoiled with love and support and generosity from our families and friends, as well as the stellar team of wedding vendors we got to work with. I actually can’t wait to rave about some of the people we worked with, because, guys… you HAVE to work with some of these people! So keep an eye on the blog for more detailed posts coming your way in the near future.

For now, here’s a list of the amazing people who brought our wedding to life:

Ceremony Venue: McKernan Baptist Church
Officiant: Daunavan Buyer
Signage: Glossie
Hair + Makeup: Blush Artistry
Guys Hair: Barber Ha
Dress: Svitlana’s Custom Dresses
Groom’s Suit: The Helm
Wedding Bands: Heirloom + custom matching band from Vandenberg’s Jewellers
Photography: Carmen Freemark Photography
Videography: Avenue Four Films
Floral Greenery: Cory Christopher
Ceremony Musician: Sauvé
Photo Locations: Tutti Frutti, Edmonton International Fringe Festival
Reception Venue: Bonnie Doon Community Hall
Day-of Coordinator: Something Beautiful Weddings
Linens: Knotwood Event Rentals
Table + Chair Rentals: River City Events
Bartending: Strong Bartending
Liquor: Kegs and More
DJ: Newley Sound
Photo Booth: GIFYYY by Ready, Set, Booth!
Favours: Rescue Flats
Food: LOVEPizza, Vienna Bakery, Italian Centre Shop, St. Basil’s Cultural Centre