February 2, 2017 DJ Stacey - PopJukebox

Edmonton’s Best Photo Booths

Fun with Ready, Set, Booth!

I am often asked whether I have a photo booth for rent along with my DJ services. For the time being, PopJukebox is laser-focused on what we love most: MUSIC.

Luckily, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some of Edmonton’s best photo booths, and I’m more than happy to share my three favourites with you today.

Ready, Set, Booth! 

Edmonton Photo Booth Ready Set Booth Logo

I’ve worked alongside Ready, Set, Booth at many events, from weddings to networking events, and they always bring a good time. I booked their GIFYYY booth at my own wedding, and it was a blast – every time we look back on those GIFs we smile (and also we wonder why we hang out with such weirdos).

GIF Booth at Edmonton Wedding

Yes, this is an actual GIF from Ready, Set, Booth’s GIFYYY booth at my wedding… 

Some things I love about working with Ready, Set, Booth:
– Great customer service and fast responses to emails
– Excellent photo quality
– Sweet social media-related props like Instagram frames and the like

Check out the Ready, Set, Booth website here!

Edmonton Photo Booth

Inception: here’s the team from Neat Photo Booth using Ready Set Booth’s open-concept photo booth…

Edmonton GIF Booth

Using Ready Set Booth’s GIF booth at my wedding

Neat Photo Booth

Edmonton Photo Booth Neat Photo Booth

Hands down, Neat Photo Booth is the most stylish booth in the biz. I am in LOVE with their gorgeous backdrops! Whether you want a custom made backdrop for your event or a perfectly on-trend rose gold sequinned masterpiece, Neat Photo Booth has your back.

Some things I love about working with Neat Photo Booth:
– Totally unique backdrops
– A super friendly and fun team to work with
– Fab photo quality

Check out Neat Photo Booth’s website here! 

Edmonton Photo Booth

Borsellino Photo

Edmonton Photo Booth

Borsellino Photo offers both an enclosed and open-air booth, but I’m a HUGE fan of their enclosed booth. They’ve worked hard to build something that looks great, gives the traditional photo booth feeling, and fits a ton of people. Plus, Steve and Angelica clearly love what they do and their fun attitude at events is contagious.

Some things I love about working with Borsellino Photo:
– A clean, good-looking booth with LED lights that be set to match your decor
– Well-organized props that are displayed well and kept tidy by the attendants
– Steve and Angelica are the best!! They love what they do and bring a great attitude to your event

Check out the Borsellino Photo website here!

Edmonton Photo Booth